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In the current business environment, a lack of workforce for a company may be a significant loss. European economy was built thanks to the basic production factor - a cheap and high quality workforce, which is currently lacking in the market. That is why it is necessary to follow global trends in employment and to give the chance of foreign labor.

Lower Costs

Thanks to lower costs, you can invest your corporate finance in other segments of your company and to further development of your business.

High-quality work

New employees use their knowledge from abroad to improve the quality of their work.

Qualification of specialists

We carefully select qualified professionals from abroad to ensure growth and prosperity for your company.

Higher working ethics

The foreign labor force has a strong incentive to show off in a new job in a new country. Therefore, they will make the most of their efforts...

Less fluctuation probability

Employees arriving for work abroad have a lower tendency to change jobs. Therefore, the employer can count on long-term employment.

Cultural diversity and the international prestige of the company

The company's image has a strong impact on your clients. The international workforce increases the prestige in society in the client´s point of view.


„A brave man’s country is wherever he chooses his abode.”

Quintus Curtius Rufus


We are providing whole recruitment process and visa services leading to obtaining a work permit in the European countries..


Do you need highly qualified specialists or workers in manufacturing, automotive, auxiliary or other industries? We will be happy to help you find suitable candidates according to your needs.


We execute and consult with you the process of selecting a suitable candidate from among the candidates according to your requirements.


Are you looking for IT solutions for your company and you do not have enough IT specialists? We know how to ensure cooperation with IT specialists from abroad.


We will cover the whole visa process of the job seeker from the interview at the consulate abroad to the issue of a work permit by the foreign police in EU.


We are doing legal consultancy in matters related to obtaining a work permit, a residence permit, a translation / interpreting, a company establishment.


We are helping foreign employees with search of accommodation during their stay in Europe according to their requirements.

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